Labour MPs Call For Extension of Squatting Ban To Protect Profits of Property Tycoons

the void

squatAs homelessness in the capital soars, three senior Labour Party figures have launched an all out attack on homeless people by demanding new laws to protect property developers and landlords from squatters.

Head of Lambeth Council, Lib Peck, MP for Streatham and Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna along with Dulwich MP Tessa Jowell have all signed a joint letter this week written to bungling Justice Secretary Chris Grayling demanding that the squatting ban be extended to commercial properties.

Showing exactly whose side they are on – and it ain’t ours – the treacherous trio claim:

“Unfortunately, the problem of squatters for commercial property owners has since worsened, and Lambeth has seen an increase in the number of squatters now specifically targeting non-residential buildings. Extending the law to protect businesses would be a welcome move.”

The letter contains examples of spurious claims about squatters damaging property, even stooping as…

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